We deliver the quality that your friends, family and property deserve.



Safety is our number one priority. We do not rush our work. Our team is trained to be observant and cautious, and recognize potential safety hazards before they cause a problem. Additionally, we practice a zero-tolerance policy for unsafe practices.


In addition to your pool’s regular servicing, events come up such as changes in the weather or unexpected house guests. We will be there at the same time each week, or at a moments notice. Additionally, you will be able to access your pool service log electronically, at any time.



You can’t fully appreciate a great pool serviceman, until you have a bad one. Our team’s expertise comes from years of experience, continuing education and in-house training.


We are keenly aware of your pool’s chemistry and condition. We’ll spot issues and make minute adjustments, instead of letting things spiral into costly repairs. We care for your pool and property like it is our own with annual pool inspections and preventative care.



Our Services cover…

  • Weekly Cleaning

  • Pools & Spas

  • Koi Ponds & Water Gardens

  • Fountains

  • Automatic Pool Cover Cleaning & Repairs

  • Equipment Repairs

  • Water Chemistry & Water Content Analysis

  • Start-Ups, Immediately Following Surfacing or Plastering

  • Tile & Stone Cleaning & Restoration

  • Deck-O-Seal Replacement

  • Child Safety & Barrier Code Analysis

Our knowledge and flexibility allows us to customize specific service arrangements for you. We have crews in and around Santa Barbara everyday and are usually able to accommodate sudden scheduling requests.

Time spent onsite will also allow us to provide you with insights for improving your property so that you can enjoy it fully.