Specialty Services

Tile/Stone Cleaning & Restoration

By its nature, water will always leave behind solids and minerals (such as salt, calcium, metals) after it dries and evaporates. Even the best water chemical conditions will result in some sort of deposit being left behind. Although good water balance will not allow these deposits in your pool, we advise that you get manual cleaning, stain removal and maintenance done on a regular basis. These will help keep your pool area tiles, in a sparkling clean condition.

Whether you have ceramic tiles, glass, natural stone or concrete, a proper identification of the installed tiles/slabs and the deposit allows for proper removal and clean up. Each tile type is handled differently.

Our unique descaling process not only guarantees a “like new” spa or pool experience but also ensures that we use environment friendly, non-hazardous, biodegradable materials.

We do not use energy from your homes and all our equipment is gas powered. We make sure that every residue is vacuumed off from your pool and surrounding area. This ensures that the residue does not enter your pool filter system, thereby, eliminating the need for future costly repairs.

The sealers we use in every project are of premium industry standard and that which has earned the first place at the World of Concrete Trade Show, which is held in Las Vegas every year. 

Even missing or broken tiles and stones can be expertly repaired or replaced to closely match the existing ones.